Private Label

What Is Private Label?

A private label skincare product is one that is made by a third-party manufacturer (that would be us) but sold by another company under their own brand’s name (that would be you)!



Some Benefits Of Self-Branding Include:

    • No Competition – Never lose a sale to another brand AGAIN. As a matter of fact, you now have the opportunity to also sell your products through an your www site increasing your brand’s exposure, your product sales, and your bottom line!
    • Brand Elevation- Offering self-branded products elevates your company’s status in the eyes of your customers.  You’ve tailored your offerings to the specific wants and needs of your clients and if you are a spa or medical clinic, your customers will appreciate how you have developed a line that is “in-line” with the services that you already offer and that they know and love.
    • Higher Profit Margins – You determine your expenses when you choose your laboratory, packaging, and labels and you also determine your retail sales price. That means you have control over your profit margins.  No more “MSRP” that you need to adhere to; you can increase prices or put products on sale at your own discretion.
    • No Large Opening Orders or Yearly Minimums – With branded lines, there is often a very large opening order, and many times that order includes items that you don’t even want.  And if you don’t buy a certain dollar amount every year, you could lose your account.  Set your own pace of purchase by private labeling and stocking the products that you need when you need them! Why ProPigmentRx
  •  ProPigment stands out from the other private label companies in a variety of ways that all benefit YOU!

    As a seasoned esthetician and cosmetic formulation expert  professional, Kamari, founder of ProPigmentRx , has spent many years in the industry developing effective skincare lines for national and international companies medspas and independent estheticians. No one knows better what is needed for a clients skin than an esthetician who touches faces and understands the skincare needs of an every day working person.

    Kamari  recognized that small companies desired to private label high-quality products but needed low quantity opening orders. Kamari bridged that gap by developing ProPigmentRx by  offering active ingredient-packed products with low minimum opening orders.



    Blending  advanced ingredients with organic botanical extracts, and skin loving vitamins ProPigmentRx  offers a beautiful fusion of medical grade and natural




    To ensure optimal freshness and potency we manufacture our products more frequently and in smaller batch sizes.



    Create your own formula. We will customize or create something special just for you – with minimums starting at only 3 Gallons


    Eco-friendly manufacturing and a preference for plant derived ingredients appeal to savvy skincare consumers.



    Our approach to product development unites the best of science with green formulation technology, resulting in highly effective products that demonstrate a preference for natural source materials.



    We understand how important quality is, which is why we offer powerful formulations that deliver results. You’ll be proud to call these products your own.




How to get started?

Take a look at our catalog of private label products. If you don’t see anything you like and would like to schedule a consultation for a customized product. Email us at . Minimum for customized private label orders start at 3k