Medium Depth Chemical Peel Protocol

ProPigmentRx Medium Depth Peel Protocol

Contraindications• Laser resurfacing within last 6 months• Accutane within one year• Hypersensitivity• Dry, dehydrated skin• Pregnancy or nursing• Herpetic breakout (cold sore)• Open wounds or suspicious lesions• Higher concentrations not recommended for skin types V and VI

Possible complications• Irritation• Pigmentary changes can occur• Possibility of scarring (rare) Sensitivity, Medical conditions, and medications• Review client medical history.• Perform cutaneous examination.• Must be off accutane for 6 months.• Must be off topical vitamin A for 3 days.• If predisposed to cold sores, start regimen of Zovirax or valtrex prior to and during the peel.• Perform a patch test to check tolerance• If taking medications that makes skin photosensitive, you may have problems with PIH.• Check for uncontrolled medical conditions such as diabetes.

Skin Preparation is a vital step in order to maximize the efficiency of a chemical peel. The amount of preparation is dependent on skin type and condition. Preparation can impact penetration of the peeling agent and the overall efficiency of the peel. Preparation can also decrease the potential to develop post peel complications. Typical preparation products  are used 2 to 4 weeks prior to a chemical peel include:• Retinoids (Retin A, Tazorac, Retinol) and  Bleaching agents such as Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Arbutin etc.• 

Application protocol:

  • Cleanse face with Perfect Ph Cleanser
  • degrease skin with Purely Primed  peel primer• The peel solution is (applied with gauze pads, cotton balls, or Q-tips)
  • Apply peel solution in a pre-determined sequential manner starting at the forehead, moving around to the temples, cheeks, chin, and nose. Stinging sensation is normal• Superficial peeling usually requires several coats. Observe level of frosting or erythema (typically AHA’s don’t cause skin to frost) but also the duration of this reaction before proceeding.
    Wait 5 minutes between layers. Once desired frosting or erythema is achieved, wipe down with cool water (peels are self neutralizing)
  • Spray Ph recovery on cotton round and gently wipe face and neck down
  • After stinging subsides. Apply thin layer of moisturizer and spf of your choice



Post Peel Care  
• Mild to moderate erythema and peeling is usually resolved within 4 – 7 days.• Skin may feel tight for the first few days.• Some areas of the skin may darken during until the skin has completely peeled.• Use mild cleanser and light layer of moisturizer 2 x daily. Do not use harsh or active products until 10 days after peel is complete• Do not pick, pull or tear skin during the peeling process.• Continue your pre-peel skincare conditioning regimen only after peeling has subsided. This will help maintain peel results longer.• Wear broad spectrum sunscreen• Schedule a follow up visit with client


**shelf life of chemical peels 1 year